Thomas Jefferson: A Hero Or Villain?

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Conor McCool James McGregor History 1301 12/02/2017 Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was he a hero or was he a villain? This question has been asked and discussed for many years now but how can a man who was a president of this country, who served his country in many different ways, who done great and excellent things for this nation and also author the Declaration of Independence be categorized as a villain? Thomas Jefferson was a very smart and intelligent man that started off by becoming a lawyer. Thomas Jefferson had an exceptional talent as he had the gift of writing, the way he wrote was fascinating. Thomas Jefferson was a man that made his reputation as a supporter of the American Independence. He was thought very highly off for the many things he wrote and wanted to achieve that he was appointed to write the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. In just about 3 weeks Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, it was in this that he wrote about human rights and that everyone was created equally. Thomas Jefferson was picked for this job because he was respected for his writing and his thoughts. "brought with him a reputation for literature, science and a happy talent of composition. Writings of his were handed about" (David Colbert, Page 79) This goes to show that Thomas Jefferson was thought very highly off that he was asked to write the Declaration of Independence. It shows he was a hero as his thoughts and writing were the starting point
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