Thomas Jefferson Contradictions Essay

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Thomas Jefferson as a man of contradictions Thomas Jefferson was a person who shared many interests and had a huge knowledge in many spheres of life. He was a writer, a musician, a lover, a pathfinder in archeology, a reluctant politician, an architect who designed his own house, and many more. No wonder that he was widely admired in the past and still is now, in the present times. He is the one who could find appropriate words and write America’s most important and known document “The Declaration of Independence”. And what is more, he made a great step for humanity as he clearly wanted to separate the state and the church and sought for religious freedom. But as I was watching the PBS Documentary about this famous figure, it was not cold facts that attracted my interest the most. I was rather thinking how diversified Thomas Jefferson was and how many contradictions we are able to enumerate about his personality. In the documentary, America’s third president is, in a sense, presented as a hero, a man who achieved countless things in his life. He is said to be the…show more content…
He was full of contradictions - it is visible that it was often the case that his heart was fighting with his mind. I believe that we should remember that even “historical heroes” were still human beings who sometimes made mistakes - because no one is perfect and flawless. From the perspective of time it is very easy to judge someone and enumerate all those bad things they have done. We should keep balance and remember that good actions do not cross out all the bad behaviours and the other way round. Figures from the past are great examples to follow and their mistakes should be treated as a lesson for the next
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