Thomas Jefferson: A True President

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The President of the United States of America is an esteemed position many have served. However, few have shown true heroisism and greatness as well as held this important office. These few shine brightly in history and some are memorialized in stone. Of these Thomas Jefferson was the strongest president influentially because he served the Union for years before his presidency and he contributed to one of the most important documents in our history and pushed westward expansion. Firstly, Thomas Jefferson was the strongest president because he served the Union for years before his presidency. His "service to the New American Union lasted over 50 years." (Article 3 Paragraph 2) 50 years he demonstrated loyalty to this country including his terms in office. Isn't that real dedication to the nation? "He also served in a variety of offices and made some great contributions to the developing country." (Article 3 Paragraph 2) Some of these offices include serving in the Continental Congress, Governor of Virginia, the first Secretary of State, and Vice President. (Article 3 Chart) Jefferson had already contributed greatly to his country before he stepped foot into the oval office. Some may argue that Washington was the better president because he was the first and helped fight for our freedom. While they have a point that Washington was our first president and fought for our freedom, Jefferson contributed to the core beliefs of the democracy (Article 3…show more content…
Without Jefferson the country may not be as it is now just as without any of our presidents the nation would be different. In honor of Thomas Jefferson, on of our founding fathers and the third president of this great nation, I urge you to help fund a statue to be erected in Washington D.C. of
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