Thomas Jefferson Aristocratic Party Analysis

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In Thomas Jefferson’s letter to Philip Mazzei, he describes the “Aristocratic Party”, he points out the shift of the people in power. He recounts how the ruling body is now mostly controlled by men who don’t support republican ideals, these are the federalist. They are shifting the away from what the war was trying to achieve and instead looking towards Britain. Only the legislative branch still holds the ideals of the revolution and the need for liberty. While the rest of the ruling party forgot what they were fighting for and many were enticed by the treacherous British. He mentioned the people who are against his party aren’t revolutionary’s, they are the bankers and traders. People who look any ware for their next dollar. Though Thomas Jefferson see’s all this, he knows the people can fight it, by waking up and realizing the wrong of their current state and remember what they fought for. In essences, Jefferson is saying that the Federalist, who are controlling the government, forgot about the need for liberty and justice. They are now looking more and more like the British ruling class. With many backers that hold British ideals. Now it’s only the Republicans who continue the fight. Jefferson is looking with disdain at the Federalist for trying to make the nation’s government more British, Additionally, it’s up to the people to realize the truth and fight for what is right. He ends the letter with the feeling of hope for the future of the nation, if people saw what was
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