Thomas Jefferson Biography Essay

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Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Virginia. He was born into a pretty successful family which made life easier in the 1740’s. Thomas Jefferson got a very exceptional education. He liked to learn and was sent on going to college. He ended up attending the College of William and Mary which was located in Williamsburg, Virginia. After three years at this college he made the decision of studying law. At this point in time there were no law schools so he studied under Wythe, this lasted five years. After this he was examined by the bar which is a body of lawyers. Thomas Jefferson was confirmed to the Virginia bar in 1767 and by this time he was a notable lawyer. From 1767-1774 he was achieving great success and was winning many of his…show more content…
This group consisted of Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Robert Livingston. They started the process of the document in June of 1776 and was adopted in July of 1776 but changes were still made. After this Jefferson went back to Virginia. In 1779 he was elected as Virginia 's governor. These two years as governor were rough and ended with an attack from the british which forced him to leave his home. A couple days later he returned back home to Monticello. Later in life he was vice president to John Adams, this was in 1797. Then in 1800 Jefferson became President through The House of Representatives electing him because him and the other candidate tied. That other candidate became the vice president. Thomas Jefferson was re-elected in 1804 for a second term. In 1807 Jefferson passed the Embargo Act in 1807 which stopped all trade with Europe, but later the act caused the War of 1812. In his later life he started to help organize the University of Virginia which opened in 1825. Thomas Jefferson ended up dying in 1826. Many people remember him in our history and the effects he had on America. He was one of our founding fathers who shall never be
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