Thomas Jefferson Contributions

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Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson, a nonconformist, whose education was influenced by a few important people, was always ready to stand up for the rights of his fellow man. The knowledge and discipline he acquired in his early years would help him become a founding father and the third president of our nation. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 7, 1743 to Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph Jefferson, in Shadwell, Virginia. Thomas started his education when he was five years old. Through out his life, he was constantly reading, acquiring knowledge. He became a lawyer and took up causes that garnered him favorable recognition for his particular style of drafting documents. His writing style, at times considered too extreme set him apart. He could be viewed as a nonconformist; however he never argued against or produced subjects unknown to the populace. Education taught him the importance of listening and watching, analyzing reactions to a subject.

Thomas Jefferson
In 1760 a seventeen year old Thomas moved to Williamsburg, Virginia and enrolled in the College of William and Mary. The road to Thomas Jefferson’s success can be attributed to key figures involved in his life and education. Thomas’s father, Professor William Small, George Wythe, attorney and Frances Fauquier, would help shape the man who would eventually become a founding father and third president of our nation. These men instilled in Thomas the importance of self discipline, acquiring
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