Thomas Jefferson Dbq

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Thomas Jefferson Essay

Thomas Jefferson held many ideals around 1790. Jefferson embarked many things like foreign policy, the reduction of debt and the army, and also the Revolution of 1800. Jefferson was a very educated man who achieved many things like how he is the author of the Declaration of Independence and also claimed presidency. Jefferson played a huge role in shaping the nation. He serves as a great democratic icon because of his persuasive manner to speak on tensions in understanding the people of America's power. Jefferson hed many powers in which he used to help and build colonies. The Revolution of 1800 started it all when the nation had the choice between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The Federalists weren't really an …show more content…

The foreign policy was to allow the United States to trade with both France and Great Britain without having to take a side in theri war. Both France and Great Britain viewed trade with the other as an act of war so they both put up trade restrictions that violated the American neutral trade rights. The Democratic-Republicans passed the Non-Importation Act that prohibited the import of numerous goods from the British Empire but the act didn't help any. After Jefferson seen no change he created the Embargo Act in which prohibited AMerican trade with every single nation. SOme smugglers found an alternative and got some AMerican goods out while some foreign goods managed to make its way in. The act hurt the nation's economy by stopping the magnitude of American trade. Great Britain's economy was demolished because they mostly relied on American trade. The Embargo Act continued because Jefferson couldn't create a new one. All the things that happened with the act made America seem overbearing knowing that Great Britain's economy would totally cave without American goods. Jefferson finally decided to end the Embargo Act because of its failing manner. The act ended a few days before Jefferson left the office in March

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