Thomas Jefferson Declaration Of Independence Rhetorical Analysis

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The Declaration of Independence sends a message to other countries to be internationally recognized and gain independence from their colonial rulers. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States of America, establishes ethos by being the main author of the Declaration of Independence, which formally freed America from Great Britain’s grasp, as well, as being the first secretary of the state of America under George Washington. His select example of offences committed by the British appeal to ethos as it gains the reader’s trust and causes one to view him almost as an authoritarian. Throughout the second paragraph, his obvious understanding of human nature causes audience to feel understood and consequently, garners trust from the…show more content…
Seldom, do groups remain together for centuries and as evident in the text, conflict is bound to happen. He appeals to logos by defining democracy when he states that governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. In a way, this defies the current situation in Great Britain and discusses the offenses Great Britain has committed. In, “…mankind are more disposed..,” he declares that humans prefer to suffer sufferable evils than to abolish those evils they are accustomed to. He expands his purpose by showing an example of human nature and that humans do not like the unknown, even if the unknown may be somewhat positive or beneficial. In line seventeen, Jefferson claims that the objects of a government have the right to revolt if they sense their rights are in danger and select new figures. This appeals to logos because he exemplifying that the governed are the ones in power by revolting against the government. Overall, Jefferson makes a good argument as to why Great Britain should relinquish control of America. He gives insight of the unpredictability and instability of human nature and delivers the offences Great Britain has committed. He clearly uses rhetorical strategies, such as diction and syntax to get his message
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