A Comparison Of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, And George Washington

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The United States has had very many heros that served as our presient. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington are all heros and were a very important part of our society. They all did everything they could do to make this world a better place, yet they all had their differences in going about doing it. But i will have to say that the strongest president was Thomas Jefferson. Thomas was one of the smartest men to live and not only was he very smart but he had a desire to constantly learn new things. He never gave up and always had the ethic to work hard in education. That helped him to be an amazing president. Thomas Jefferson was a very strong man and an even stronger president. He did everything he needed to do to succeed…show more content…
That is only a small portion of what he did and is still a lot to accompish for just a normal man. He made our country better and tried his very best to make the people happy. He was selfless and caring. The final reason why Thomas Jefferson was the strongest President to live was because he made a huge impact on our society. According to the article, He impacted the educational systems of the growing country. He impacted the nation and government. He impacted the rights of citizens." All of that goes to show how much he cared about his people and tried to makes things better to the best of his ability. That sums it up for why i believe that America 's third president, Thomas Jefferson was the strongest. He was one of the smartest men alive, he impacted our society for the better, and was a caring and selfless man when it came to making citizens happy. I can honestly say that we have not and never will have a stronger president than the one who 's services lasted 50 years. Thomas Jefferson is America 's
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