Thomas Jefferson Inaugural Address Analysis

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On March 4, 1801, the third president of the United States was elected to take the oath of office. Thomas Jefferson, who actually was defeated during the election of the second presidency in 1796 against John Adams when George Washington handed in his resignation; defeated John Adams himself to bring in the political power of the new nation. With Jefferson’s slim, but conclusive victory also came The Inaugural Address, his famous speech spoken within the people of the United States. Where he exclaimed his appreciation of the voters and how he planned on moving people in the 19th century with the intentions of improving the nation as a whole.
Consequently, there were many key elements targeted within the presentation of the Inaugural Address, where extreme symbolism was expressed as well. Jefferson showed much respect, with the fact, that executive political influence for the first time was transferred between parties. He wanted the country and the people enclosed to unify as one, to take part as a whole, to “…unite with one heart and one mind.” He wanted to restore communal connections and relations, not only liberty and life, but the attributes that have been lost within the past centuries. Communication, unity and simply giving power, by providing equality to the people.
With that said, Jefferson made it very coherent that although diversity was
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However, the most important key element was moving the entire country into the 19th century with the intentions of executing it in one piece and unabridged. Following the Constitution as it is written and getting the legal rights in return. Satisfying the people, the government and all the parties along with elucidating to ward off repression; regaining prosperity lost and bringing upon liberty like never before. Thomas Jefferson will forever be remembered for his guidance, formality and his famous Inaugural speech to the United States of
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