Thomas Jefferson Monument

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Introduction I will be doing my Washington D.C Monument on Thomas Jefferson. I chose him because Thomas Jefferson did a lot of accomplishing things. Thomas Jefferson was a statesman, architect, President, drafter of the declaration of independence, adviser of the constitution, and founder of the University of Virginia. All of these things shows how Thomas Jefferson is successful and accomplished a lot of superior things. In this essay paper, I will breaking all of these things down and explaining how he has his own memorial site. Biography Thomas Jefferson was born on april 13, 1743 in Shadwell Virginia. Third of ten siblings Thomas Jefferson was born into one of the most famous families in Virginia. His father was a very successful farmer,…show more content…
Before the Jefferson memorial it was once the site of one of washington’s b popular beaches. The monument had been originally for Theodore Roosevelt, but he insisted on it being the Thomas Jefferson memorial..Congress had happened to create the memorial commission in 1934, before the bicentennial of Jefferson's birth in 1743. One of the Architects from Thomas Jefferson’s monument designed some also well known buildings like the National Jefferson’s love for agriculture and land. The monument building is circular, its open aired featuring a shallow dome supported by a 165 feet in diameter circular colonnade with 26 columns. There also 12 extra columns that support the portico to the north and 4 columns stand for each other for the memorial four opening areas. The monument is located in Washington D.C. The monument is covered in imperial white marble. The stairs have a marble based platform. The stairs have a triangle portico pediment thing that has a sculpture of the members of the drafting of the declaration of independence. The interior of the monument is built of Georgia marble and with pink floors that consist of Tennessee marble.The frieze of the interior is coated with a dentiled corniced and has massive Indian limestone. The interior is sectioned off into two parts the lower section has a coffered surface that contains lights that illuminate the statue while the upper section has an smooth uniterpretted surface. In the monument they have a 19-foot statue of Thomas Jefferson which according to sources weighs 10,000 pounds. Thomas Jefferson is gazing toward the White House. One of the artists were intentionally trying to make the statue represent the Age of Enlightenment.Thomas Jefferson has his birth date and his death date on the statue. On the left side of the statue, you can see some of the most inspirational words. One of the inspirational
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