Thomas Jefferson Negatives

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Thomas Jefferson was a very competent man, he was a strong fighter of the state, drafted the Declaration of Independence, and most importantly was the 3rd president of the United States. Whether his presidency was successful or not is up to debate and open for opinions based on your beliefs. I am merely bringing to light the deeds he did during his two terms in office. His actions at times can be easily recognized as simply good and bad actions, but many of his moves on the chess board of the new country can be viewed upon as having positives and negatives effects on the country. One of the first notable points at the beginning of Jefferson's first term is that he retained a majority of the positions held by federalists. This helped demonstrate a peaceful transition of power between two political parties. Most people would advocate that this was an overwhelming good characteristic of Jefferson’s first term. Moreover, He kept the other political parties ideals in mind with his own. Coinciding with what was previously stated, he pardoned the prisoners of the Sedition Acts and reduced some of the requirements that were needed to be met in the Naturalization law of 1802.…show more content…
Jefferson was faced with dealing with many of France's and Britain's conflicts during his time. He passed the the Embargo act that destroyed the U.S. economy, despite this America did become more industrialized through its suffering. The act was in place for two years and was hated by most. It was replaced by the Non-intercourcse Act and then the Macon’s Bill No.2 which all helped reduce the initial effects of the Embargo Act. Jefferson’s Presidency can be seen from different points, but he did help shape America to what it is today, through the goods and the bads. He may have been inconsistent at times with how he governed, but he did put in place good foundation of how switching between political parties should
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