Thomas Jefferson: One Of The Greatest Founding Fathers

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Thomas Jefferson was one of the greatest founding fathers of the United States of America. Thomas Jefferson shaped most of this country to what it is today. He shaped this country when it was first created he created the rules for the early government so the country could stay together without going into complete chaos. Thomas Jefferson was there in the revolution discussing alliance with france so he and his country could pull through and defeat the British army. Thomas Jefferson was a building block for the country of the United States. [The Biography of Thomas Jefferson] Thomas Jefferson was a great man who grew up in the south state Virginia, he was born in Shadwell April 13, 1743 into a rich family. Thomas was a tall red haired man and Thomas Jefferson knew how to build houses and plant crops since he was young. He owned his own plantation with his wife Martha Jefferson. In the late 1700’s the revolution broke…show more content…
Thomas Jefferson earned the hearts of the country because when he became the President of the United States. Thomas Jefferson declared that all education for the children was free of charge. Without the Colonies help and support, Thomas Jefferson would have never had gotten so far into his career. [Thomas Jefferson] Thomas Jefferson was an amazing man that brought the nation up further heights and helped the nation grow and get it off its knees. I think Thomas Jefferson deserved a lot more credit than what he got. Thomas Jefferson shaped the nation since its first day being independent and he created the constitution to help keep the peace and the balance of all the people. Thomas also helped with the growing a maturing of the nation by getting the western half of North America from Spain. Bottom line is that Thomas Jefferson was a great and noble man who stuck to his country no matter what the odds
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