Thomas Jefferson Purchase Analysis

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We have just confirmed that Thomas Jefferson has signed a treaty of the giant purchase of the Louisiana territory from France in May 2, 1803. This purchase has now given us 827,000 square miles of land leading to land west of the Mississippi river. This deal has been discovered by James Monroe and Robert Livingston who are now giving us the story of how they helped acquire the land. Hello Mr. Monroe and Mr. Livingston can you explain how you both found this extraordinary offer. “Oh yes of course we will tell you, This is how it started. Me and Livingston here had been assigned to buy the New Orleans territory from France but little we knew that France needed money for the war that was about to fall on them. So they surprised us with the…show more content…
Hello Mr. President Can I hear how you felt about this offer! “Yes!....When I got word that James and Robert had bought the Louisiana territory I was pleased because the size of the country had doubled”. That 's good...right. “Well yes I had overlooked the constitution and it never said I couldn 't buy the land from France, but the I knew that the purchase would change the nation, I overcame the thought though and knew I did have the authority to buy the land from France”. That 's good now how did you get the treaty approved. “ Well that 's an easy question I made a treaty, sent it to congress, they voted to approve it and pay for the land and then the land was officially ours”. Wow that’s an amazing side of the story thank you Mr. President. “Your welcome”. Well there you have it that’s how we gained this huge amount of land from France. Thank you for spectating. “But what they did not know is that the government was planning a special expedition to explore the Louisiana territory wilderness and that the leader of the team Meriwether Lewis and co leader William Clark were going on this great
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