Thomas Jefferson Quotes And Analysis

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•“She was not even listening. She had gotten tired of listening. She knew, as we all knew, what the outcome would be. A white man had been killed during a robbery, and thought two of the robbers had been killed on the spot, one had been captured, and he, too, would have to die” (4). This quote is important because it allows me to understand that Jefferson has to die because he was the only person in the liquor store and was a black man. Jefferson didn 't do anything, but he was going to steal money from the cash register. Jefferson was there but at the wrong time. The police thought that it was Jefferson because he was black. Jefferson should of stand up for himself or told the judge that it wasn 't him. This book is told in the 1940’s so it makes sense that Jefferson didn 't have a say in what happened. • 'I want the teacher…show more content…
This novel was an emotional read because of the unfair killing of Jefferson, but it was also a great learning experience because it teaches the reader to try and help others during difficult times. During the time that this event took place there was still racial discrimination, therefore Jefferson was not given a fair trial. He did steal the money, but he did not kill the people in the store. Jefferson knew that stealing was wrong, but he was poor and saw that no one was around to say anything so he took it. Due to this wrong decision he believes that he is a hog who deserves to die. Grant did his best to teach Jefferson that he had worth and it paid off. “If I ain’t nothing but a hog, how come they just don’t knock me in the head like a hog? Strab me like a hog? More erasing, then: Man walk on two foots; hogs on four hoofs” (220). This quote demonstrates how Grant made a difference in Jefferson’s life and taught him to be a man of self worth. This novel teaches the reader that in order to make a change in the world they must help one another, just like Grant did with
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