Thomas Jefferson Strengths And Weaknesses

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SWOT Analysis of President Thomas Jefferson
Born in 1743 in Virginia in a moderately wealthy planter family, Thomas Jefferson inherited half of his land and several slaves after his father’s death. Jefferson then enrolled at College. After graduating in just a couple of years, Jefferson worked as a law clerk and was admitted to the Virginia bar in 1767. He entered the world of politics and was then chosen as a delegate to represent Virginia at the Second Continental Congress of 1775, where he established a friendship with the then president John Adams and his wife, Abigail. During this time, Jefferson was appointed to be the first Secretary of State and serve on President Washington's Cabinet. After four years as Vice President, Jefferson won the election of 1800 and became the third President of the United States.
As a president of United States it can be predicted that one’s of Thomas Jefferson strengths was indeed his perseverance, and of course his extraordinary writing skills. Throughout hundreds of his letters and his journals Jefferson, left a legacy that would expose his beliefs, strengths and weaknesses as well as his plans of changing the future of the
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Working closely with Aaron Burr he was able to assemble his party, attacking the new taxes policies. Another opportunity he had was when he ran for the Presidency in the 1800 election. Owning his election victory to the South's inflated number of Electors, which counted slaves as part of the population. The biggest opportunity he had was in 1803, was known as the Louisiana Purchase when the United States paid approximately $15 million dollars for over 800,000 square miles of land. This land deal was definitely the greatest achievement during Thomas Jefferson's presidency. The purchase of the new land almost doubled the American
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