Thomas Jefferson The Best Of Enemies Analysis

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Strong, long lasting unions are built from the determination and respect of the people; individualism takes a sole part in the United States government and has it has shaped our world today. When the United States of America was born, myriads of people migrated to this land in search of a better life- the only problem was how the country itself were to be run. People from across the world carrying different opinions, religions, memories, and backgrounds provided various outcomes for how the big picture for America would look. The people were attempting to form a government based off of their own human rights (and other aspects in balancing the federal government), but still looked for a form of structure to uphold this new form of free land.…show more content…
He favored states’ rights, a central role for Congress and a comparatively weak judiciary,” (Lines 24- 28). People of the time were on edge on whether or not they should make the federal government and state equal, or favor one more than the other. Past experiences backlashed emotions from corrupted and controlling unions and conflicted with what the people knew was right for a strong, individualistic government. To conclude, America was built off the hopes and dreams of what was considered a “dream union.” To have your own human rights not being denied from a corrupted government; to know that you have your family and friends safe and thriving under the control of a well-managed, productive, balanced union. With regards to this, individualism and a long- lasting union is demonstrated in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution (also Bill of Rights), and Thomas Jefferson: The Best of Enemies all blend together and as a product, they shaped the modern day United States of
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