Thomas Jefferson: The Early History Of America

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Thomas Jefferson ran for the presidential election in 1800 and was finally elected in 1801 to become the third United States President. Before this win, he ran in the prior election, lost to John Adams, and then became vice president because of his second place finish. Among those accomplishments he also was a Founding Father, a champion of democracy, and he wrote most of the Declaration of Independence. His win was the first Republican victory after the first twelve years of Federalist presidencies. Brinkley (2012) wrote they envisioned a society of sturdy, independent farmers, happily free from the workshops, industrial towns and city mobs of Europe. They promoted a cultural outlook that emphasized localism, republican simplicity, and proposed a limited government power (p. 183). Jefferson faced political conflict because he opposed a strong federal government and favored states rights just like in the Articles of Confederation. Both Federalists and Republicans believe their policies are better for the people, Federalist wanted more federal government power and for Jefferson’s case, Republicans wanted less federal government power and more power given to the people and the states. Jefferson and his followers envisioned different changes to America through economics, education, culture, and politics. When it came to economics they…show more content…
Many writers wanted to bring the glory and history of America’s early life to their literary works. Great works such as Ichabod Crane and Rip Van Winkle, written by Washington Irving, are still read today. Other writers such as Mercy Otis Warren and Mason Weems captured the heroism of the American struggle in the History of the Revolution and the Life of Washington in 1806, which became one of the best-selling books of the era (p. 187). Patriotism and nationalism began to enrich the lives of Americans with these historical
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