Thomas Jefferson: The Virginia Statute For Religious Freedom

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Being an African American and part of an African American women discussion group I've been in the mist of many conversations where the following question has been asked: why do people uphold Thomas Jefferson so highly? when he did nothing to free the slaves. Unlike George Washington Thomas Jefferson,didn’t even have a dying declaration to free the over one hundred slaves he owned. It was rumored for centuries that Thomas Jefferson had six children five in which lived to adulthood with a woman he enslaved Sally Hemings. He freed Sally Hemings 5 living children from slavery, after Sally discovered slavery had been done away with in France. Sally refused to return to Monticello unless he agreed to free their children. The rumors where put to a end in 1998 when dna test proved Thomas Jefferson fathered children with…show more content…
The document was introduced into the Virginia General Assembly in 1779, declared freedom of religion a “natural right that became a model for the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. President Jefferson doubled the size of the United States after purchasing over 8000,000 square miles of Louisiana Territory, from France at the cost of 15 billion dollars, could you imagine what the United States would be or not be if he would not have made that wise purchase. Thomas Jefferson went against his Republican views of strict interpretation of the constitution and bypassed the senate to purchase the Louisiana Territory. Thomas Jefferson was a great writer , but not skilled at public speaking.Writing the Declaration of Independence not only made Thomas Jefferson famous, but it displayed what a great writer he was, as well as made many feel he was a hypocrite. I think Thomas Jefferson wrote from his heart, what he felt and not nessary how he lived out all aspect of his life, but how he wished he could had lived his
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