Thomas Jefferson Westward Expansion Analysis

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Morgan’s central ideas in the article are reasonable. He provided sufficient evidence on his claims. He also gave good reasoning. There are several different articles that explain why Thomas Jefferson played an important role in the Westward Expansion as well, but he wasn’t responsible for it all.
As can be seen, Morgan gave sufficient evidence as to why Jefferson wasn’t responsible for the Westward Expansion. In There Is No True History of the Westward Expansion, it states that Andrew Jackson probably did more to extend democratic power to a greater number of citizens of the nation in that era than anyone except Jefferson. This could also be saying that Jackson was almost as important as Jefferson. He could’ve been responsible for the expansion.
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This is stating that Jefferson was very good at extending democratic power. In Thomas Jefferson’s America, Ambrose states that Jefferson “sought greatness for himself and for his nation.” Which tells how he was responsible. In The Way to Rainy Mountain, Momaday talks about the journey that the Kiowas took across the land. They made their journey a spiritual journey. It had a meaning. They acquired many possessions on the migration. Their expansion had an impact on the way they viewed things. In the article Chief Joseph Speaks, the white men took over what the Indians had. All they wanted was peace and a safe place for them and their families but they couldn’t have it. They didn’t get to choose where they wanted to stay. In Ambrose’s article Reporting to the President, September 23- December 31, 1806, it says that “In the course of their journey they acquired a knolege of numerous tribes of indians hitherto unknown; they informed themselves of the trade which may be carried on with them, the best channels & positions for it, & they are enabled to give with accuracy the geography of the line they pursued”(Ambrose 418-421). This is saying that Lewis and Clark went out and came across Indian tribes that expanded across America and they learned a lot of things from
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