Thomas Jefferson White Supremacy Essay

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Race supremacy have been one of the central themes in American political thought, throughout the colonial era and even today, Race supremacy is something that needs to be discussed seriously and change has to occur effectively. I believe if the authors appeared at Mohawk Mountain this would be huge debate. Some of the authors were Christian and I believe many of them even own slaves and was racist in certain extent. White supremacy have been known to use people of color for labor and feed of their hard-work, emancipation proclamation is a good example of that, it was just a way for the white supremacy in the north to control color people and used them for the war against the south, it was not really about freedom, white supremacy was willing…show more content…
Jefferson believed that slavery was one of the greatest threats towards liberty; he also thought that slavery was a contrary to the laws of nature. In 1778 he drafted a Virginia Law that would hopefully abolish slavery. What is confusing but also surprising is that President Thomas Jefferson owned 5,000 slaves but one of the greatest advocates, I would like to believe that he treated his slaves right but why not free them. He was able to banned slave trade in Virginia, Thomas Jefferson would be a author who would be on both sides of the debate but at the end he would be against slavery, since he was a great advocate for slaves.

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