Thomas Jefferson's Compromise Of 1850

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In the year 1819 there were 11 Free states and 11 slave states keeping the balance kept it out argument there was no problem until hit Missouri and it then became a huge debate. Missouri compromise. Thomas Jefferson knell of the union felt the line would destroy the nation. President Polk had 4 major goals reduce traffis on imports, reestablish independent treasury, settle disputes with Brittan over Oregon, and acquire California and New Mexico as part of the United States. During this time California’s population grew extremely fast do to the gold rush. Millard Fillmore became the accidental president he said he was going to change Taylor’s policy because he was all wrong about the compromise of 1850 because he believed that abolition would lead to a collapse of the southern economy he also believed that slavery was protected by the constitution.…show more content…
The United States was formed from the original 13 Colonies but had to wage war with Britain to establish its sovereignty the Treaty of Paris concluded the revolutionary war in 1783 with America expanding to the Mississippi River and Spain recovering Florida sense in this war it was an American ally but in 1800 Spain secretly ceded the Louisiana territory back to France where Napoleon was hoping to establish an empire in North America when President Thomas Jefferson learned that this arrangement he became concerned with the potential threat of an aggressive Empire Builder descend on boys to France to purchase New Orleans and West Florida for ten million dollars instead they came back with the entire Louisiana territory for $15 million napoleon had needed money for his war against Britain in 1810 American settlers led a revolt against the Spanish in West Florida capturing the poor to Baton Rouge the remainder of West Florida was annexed later by President James
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