Thomas Jefferson's 'Declaration Of Independance'

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Hannah Callahan English 10 U 1 Essay 10/24/2016 Declaration of Independance The writings of Thomas Jefferson and Richard Henry Lee are what our country has been based upon. Both men had an important role in the formation of this country after this Revolution. Henry Lee provided his insight and ideas that were later used as a foundation for what…show more content…
Wars were fought and lives were lost. Men gave their lives on the battlefield to preserve the ideals and principles we have now. Both men believed that even the lives that were lost were worth the greater cause and goal. Freedom did not come easily and all sacrificed with either their lives or the loss of thier loved ones during battles. Families were torn apart as a measure to ultimately bring this country together. To be free also came with other obstacles such as cutting off trade with other countries and suffering persecution from the King of Great Britain but both men still believed in the cause and their dreams of a nation “under God.” The language in the Declaration of Independance was so powerful because it showed citizens they still had a chance of freedom. Thomas Jefferson quotes in his script “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” That was a powerful language, especially to all the men who were fighting for our freedoms. Another one of his quotes “Give me liberty or give me death” was a quote he was admired for. He was basically making the point that if he couldn’t have liberty then it would be better just to give him
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