Thomas Jefferson: Differences Between Blacks And African Americans

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Thomas Jefferson addressed the differences between blacks and indians in order to justify the superiority of whites over the other races. Jefferson’s description of the difference in skin color, character, and mental/artistic capability especially emphasizes the racist undertone. Thomas Jefferson was a Republican who eventually went on to become President in the beginning of the nineteenth century. He frequently encountered issues with indians and blacks, which led him to identifying their differences. Skin color, was the most prominent distinguishing feature between them. Equality among the varying races was not a concept Thomas Jefferson encouraged. He ranked the races from best to worst. Whites were on top while indians followed next in the racial hierarchy because their skin tone mixed white and red. Blacks were at the bottom because their skin was purely black.…show more content…
Many places were suggested, including areas outside of the United States. These lands included northern, western, and southern frontiers held mostly by the Native Americans. Jefferson also introduced returning them to their native lands in the West Indies, specifically Africa. More problems seemed to be created with this proposal such as finding and purchasing the land. This proposition was written in 1801 and later in 1803 he suggested a similar plan for the Indian’s futures. Jefferson wanted the indians to either assimilate to the European culture or push them back past the Mississippi River. His plan to con the Native Americans out of their land involved trading with them until they were in debt and had to sell their land. With any chance of rebellion, Jefferson knew the strength of the Union could defeat the weak indians. In both letters, differences appeared, as well as important similarities that demonstrated Thomas Jefferson’s racism towards blacks and

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