Thomas Jefferson's Greatest Accomplishments

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To accomplish something is to achieve a goal, we accomplish more if we are always doing something. No matter if that something is as small as picking up a piece of trash off the ground. Thomas Jefferson said "Determine never to be idle... it is wonderful how much may get done if we are always doing." For this quote to have come from Thomas Jefferson doesn't surprise anyone, he was always doing something. Thomas Jefferson was a very important historian man, he helped write the Declaration of Independence and he also helped with the English Bill of Rights. He accomplished big goals because he was always doing something. Think about it, would someone accomplish a goal of theirs if they weren't always doing something to try and achieve it? The…show more content…
This goes to show that since you didn't do something each day to prepare for the test, your results were low. To accomplish something does mean you have to put in extra work, it will not just come to you without always doing something to achieve it. Bill Gates is a very successful man, he started his business in his garage. He worked every day on creating the perfect computer, it didn't happen over night in fact it took him years till he got it right. Bill gates was always doing something to accomplish his goal, if he just sat around everyday not acting on his vision our world would have never even knew what a computer was. To accomplish something as big as creating the worlds first computer will take time, and energy. It all depends on if you really want to accomplish it and see your dreams become reality. An accomplishment does not have to be as big as Bill Gates or as Thomas Jefferson's were, it can be anything that means you've done something productive. For high school students that may be making a sports team or even getting into college. Even younger kids can accomplish something, for example, learning how to ride a bike or being able to say their ABC's by
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