Thomas K. Holcomb's View Of The Different Types Of Culture

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What is Culture? culture can be defined many different ways by many different people. There’s not a correct or just one form of of definition when it come to culture.All though they all come from different experiences and opinions, they all share the same structure and concepts. In the world today there are hundreds of different types of culture, such as, American culture, Deaf culture British culture, Mexican culture,Arabic culture, African culture , Indian culture , Pop culture , Modern culture , Japanese culture , Chinese culture and so on.Culture is a group of individuals that share the same Behaviors, traditions, faith, heritage, traditions and self values and beliefs. The beauty of culture is the fact that it is ever growing and constantly adapting to the new worlds views. An individual can belong in multiple cultures, It all depends on that particular person’s sense of identity in the modern world. You just need to experience the different cultures to be able to identify which cultures you belong to. Thomas K. Holcomb Author of the “Introduction to American Deaf Culture.” Discusses the different views of the definition of culture and defines culture by stating that culture is “the sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguish one group of people from another is transmitted through language, material objects, rituals, institutions, and art from one generation to the next (Holcomb, P.17).” Holcomb also supports his claim by using a quote on page 17 from

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