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THOMAS-KILMANN CONFLICT MODE QUESTIONNAIRE Consider situations in which you find your wishes differing from those of another person. How do you usually respond to such situations? On the following pages are several pairs of statements describing possible behavioral responses. For each pair, please circle the "A" or "B" statement which is most characteristic of your own behavior. In many cases, neither the "A" nor the "B" statement may be very typical of your behavior, but please select the response which you would be more likely to use. When done answering, transfer your answers to the scoring sheet on the last page, and sum each of the columns. 1. A. There are times when I let others take responsibility for solving the problem. B. Rather than negotiate the things on which we…show more content…
I am attracted to you." Disapproval: "You are terrible." "I feel crushed when you seem only interested in spending my money." Threatening: "You had better..." "I'd like it if you’d...” Moralizing: "You ought to ..." "I think it would be fair for you to..." Treating: "You need to rest and..." "I'd like to be helpful to you." Supporting: "It will get better." "I'm sorry you feel ..." Analyzing: "You can't stand to leave your mother!" "I'm disappointed that you are so reluctant to leave..." In order to be more effective its important to be an active listener : Assertive Listening
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