Thomas More: Villains Of The Protestant Reformation

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As part of a prophetic community, we have come to realize that there is a clear distinction between someone who loves God and someone who lives like Jesus. A person who lives a holy lifestyle and seeks to do good to their neighbors, and loves God (of course), is a person that loves God. These kind of people are common, and really great to have around. By no means do I think they are bad people. Then there are the other set of people who are willing to live their lives sacrificially; their lives will actually mimic the life of Jesus. There have been many villains in the Christian history we have studied in this class, and there have been a handful of true followers of Jesus (Waldo, Simmons, Chelcicky, etc.), but there have also been a few other heroes who fit
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This resulted in his beheading in the Tower of London. In addition, it saw him become a main opponent of the Protestant Reformation. More’s main issues with the Reformation fell under his concern for peace and unity in the Church. He felt that Luther did not have the authority to make the claims that he did against the English Crown (which Luther did), and also showed concern that the Reformation movement would end up bringing about a lot of violence for England (which it did). As part of this conflict, the two would occasionally trade letters to each other where they would call each other names such as “pig”, “dolt”, “liar”, “ape”, “drunkard”, and “lousy little friar”; in addition to writing theological responses to one another (More on behalf of the English Crown). While this was clearly two-sided, my favorite Thomas More comment towards Luther is: “throw back into your paternity’s shitty mouth, truly the shit-pool of all shit, all the muck and shit which your damnable rottenness has vomited up and to empty out all the sewers and privies onto your
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