Thomas Morton Analysis

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Thomas Morton’s writing intention was more than explaining theIndians’ way of life, hewritespersuasively to the Englishaudiences.In addition to hisbiased point of view, particularly influenced by his Anglican culture and swayed by the dislikes of the Puritans . Thomas Morton uses literature with an abundance of tactics aimed toward the Puritan’s shortcomings. One of the manymethodsMortonusesis bywriting inan elucidative manner through the use of glimpses of Indians’ sophisticated culture in a refined approach and also stating the Indians’ practice is similar to PlatosCommonwealth. Personally will illustrate on passage of Morton’s to depict his writing style and risk Morton takes. Last sentence a fragment, doesn’t make a point of meaning???…show more content…
First he starts the passage with “They Loved not to bee cumbered with many utinsilles” (369). This first part of the sentence alone is significant enough from what I read because of the choice of words showing a clear meaning. Morton being a cavalier man he observes the Indians very well and uses the specificwords to describe the Indians in example cumbered and utinsillesto depict that the Indians don’t like to be troubled by many things. And then goes on and says “although every proprietor know his own, yet, all things,(so long as will last),are used in common amongst them.” (369). From this whole sentence alone his type of writing is unique in a refining way simplifying yet, illuminating Indians culture by their own action and there way of life. Mortonobserves the master and based on his observation he concluded they areselfless and the Indian considered them self-common among each. Therefore, Morton takes many risks in his writing because a lot of his writing advocates for natives. In addition this risk he takes can affect how the Englishmen view Morton because he is challenging the chain of being and advocating for the
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