Thomas Paine Influence On American Independence

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Common Sense by Thomas Paine Mikayel Grigoryan History 11 Alicia Rodriquez-Estrada Thomas Paine was an unknown British writer. In 1774 Thomas pain arrived Philadelphia. When he arrived Philadelphia, the tension was high between colonists and British there. He saw wars and discrimination. In Paine’s view there were no motive for the colonies to stay dependent on England. In 1776 in his pamphlet “Common Sense”, Paine gathered his ideas on American Independence. In Paine’s word, all the disagreements for separation on England are established on nothing more than simple facts and common sense. Not shockingly, but yet outstanding was his demand for a Declaration of Independence. If we look how many copies sold of “Common Sense” were sold (500.000), Paine's influence on the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 is presumed. An additional sign of his great impact was the number of loyalist responses to Common Sense.…show more content…
First argument that Paine has made was about distinction between society and government. Paine made it clear that he mainly did not love government, whose individual value he thought lies in "restraining our vices" (Paine, 1776). For Paine, the natural state of man is to live without government, and government's existence is needed only to solve its problems created by this usual, revolutionary way of life. If a government is unsuccessful in improving society or, even worse, it is actively initiates other troubles so it is not essential to be ruled by that government.
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