Thomas Paine's Views On The American Revolution

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Thomas Paine feel like that there is no reason to not start a revolution as Britain does not has the right to control America and their continent as it would be too much to tolerate and would be out of the circle of convenience. He shows that eventually the US would eventually get tired of being govern by someone who is far across the world and who are also ignorant in the American issues. He states “if they cannot conquer us, they cannot govern us.” Also, he treats freedom as a fugitive who needs a place to live, but no one is willing to take it in their asylums of government. Only people take in governments of monarchy and dictatorship. Thomas Paine believes that democracy is what the people want and need to have a good government. It can be portrayed as a mother in loss of a child. The mother will be in deep want of her child as the same for the child. The whole of the child will seek for a refuge in his/her mother 's arms. The mother will feel empty, as she wants her child. Only when the child(democracy) finds its way to its mother(government), the…show more content…
People who read it can feel connection as many of them hunted freedom themselves. However, it can be taken a little more deeper. Many people came to America in hopes of finding freedom, so it can be said that freedom already inhabited the area. Furthermore, the British were stopping it from thriving in the country with strict rules from a king thousands of miles away. But, did they really stop the thriving of freedom in America, or did they help it. At the very beginning, colonies were formed independent. As the British kept punishing the Americans, they grouped together as a nation and fought with more freedom and strength. In conclusion, Thomas Paine was one of many people who fought the British to find freedom with his word of
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