Thomas Postlewaiton Analysis

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Thomas Postlewait 's form of inductive and dedcutive methods is necessary in histioriography in order to find important details about this specific time period. A common problem that scholars might have to beware is that they cannot let their own intepretation fill in the facts, but at the same time they have to give their own personal interpretaiton. He states how scholars has the most influence on what actually happen during certain time period.In lecture, the professor restates Postelwait 's idea that if one scholar states that this specific idea is what happen other scholars would be ready to go against it. This is an essential idea in order to keep certain scholar 's idea outside the fact that he might of retrive through the use of…show more content…
One example of deduction, which he states in his book, that relates these methods is looking at the clothes worn in that time period and trying to conclude what type of clothing they might of wore during a performance. These sources is easier to deduct because there is many sources but a big problem in which Postlewait states is when there is not enough sources. Unfortunetely, there is many important details in history that has only one source; for example, the description of the globe theater. There is only one documented form of writing that describes the globe. This hinders scholars vision of writing and the two reasonings must be used to know the detials that are not stated. In lecture the professor highlighted an important argument of Postelwait that I found very interesting, which is the idea that one misinterpretation built upon each other over time eventaully the reality is obscere. I find this true in both history and theater because it is similar to the game of telephone where someone spreads the message down a group of friends. As certain stories of historical events is pass by from person to person the words tend to shift and eventaully can be different by the time it reaches to the end. This can easily happen to a play that has little to know facts about how it was once performed. Certain directors would interpret he work different and eventually that interpretation becomes a necessity within the work. These mistakes and interpretation that was used to fill in the gaps becomes to cloud the actual intent of the playwright like Shakespear because “change happens” causing his play to change as
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