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The usual age of artists nowadays can be surmised as very young compared to what was popularized in the mid-80s to the early-90s. We all have been amazed by the impressive talents of musicians as young as 14 until the mid-adult age of 25. It is quite an elating feeling to know that those who are dubbed as The Millenials have this awe-inspiring trait of being confident, despite their seeming inexperience. What they lean on is their talent being developed at an early age, and the challenge they have to undergo is truly valid to enter the general music scene. We can never deny that the more we become music addicts, the more we 're exposed to knowing singers or groups 10 years younger than us. Take Thomas Rhett as an example; with the 'premature ' exposure he got at the age of 20, he 's still one male singer who 's conquering the competition of fame and popularity. Born Thomas Rhett Akins Jr, the 25-year old singer-slash-songwriter is known today as the budding prince of country and country pop music. Hailing from the humble town of Valdosta, Georgia, the young singer has been making rounds on radio airwaves since 2001 and is currently under the wings of a famous country music outfit called Valory Music Group. Thomas Rhett 's musical influence came from his direct association with another well-known country icon,…show more content…
One of the many things that are adorable with Thomas Rhett is his husky, country boy physique that 's loved by his slowly growing fan base. His aura can be associated with another relevant country music pillar Tim McGraw, and his odds of being more famous are improving over time. As of today, Thomas Rhett was able to release two studio albums which garnered applause from the country music scene entitled 'It Goes Like This ' (2013) and 'Tangled Up ' just released this year. Some of the tracks that show Thomas Rhett 's music ingenuity include Make Me Wanna, Crash and Burn, 1994, Parking Lot Party and Round Here, all of which garnered accolades from

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