Thomas Stone Wall Jackson's Battle

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Thomas Stone wall Jackson was a war general for the Confederate army during the 1860’s, and depending if you were fighting for the North or South, a war hero. He was a fearless warrior in the civil war, he fought like no other would. Jackson earned the name in the battle of first Bull Run. There, when many men ran he stood and brought his men back in like a stone wall. With this he defeated the union army at the first Battle of Bull run. As much as Jackson wanted Virginia to stay in the Union, when Virginia seceded from the Union he knew what had to occur. He geared up for a battle he probably knew he would not return from. So he sided with the confederacy, showing he would rather side with his state then the federal government.…show more content…
The battle already seemed as if the confederate army would prevail. Most historians consider this battle to be one of Lee’s greatest battles, but most of this was because of Jackson strategies. On May 2, Jackson took unsoundly 28,000 men across a 15 mile walk. The march led to General Hooker’s fleet, while lee attacked in small amounts. Jacksons attack created major casualties on the Northern side. Hooker was forced to withdraw one day later. Sadly this battle did not end without a loss to the confederacy. The battle ended at sunset so most of Jacksons army were out looking for a way to return to camp. So Jackson and a few other men left to look for the Southern troops. When the Southern troops heard sounds of horses hooves hitting the ground they got concerned and worried. They shot at the men and three bullets hit Jackson. Jackson was hit so badly in the arm he had to get it amputated. Lee said to this incident “Jackson lost his right arm, but I lost my right hand”. When asked to take whiskey he denied do the fact that he was a sworn Christian. He made a good recovery for the first three days. On the fourth he fell ill. He gained a fever and in less than a week died from pneumonia. His last words were “let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees.” He will always be remembered for being one of the greatest leaders in the Civil war. There are many monuments dedicated to him, such as the stonewall Jackson memorial hospital, and the Stonewall Jackson cemetery memorial, and many others. He will always be known as “stonewall” Jackson because of his bravery and how he

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