Thomas Sullivan Introduction To Social Problems Summary

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In chapter 10 of “Introduction to Social Problems” Thomas J. Sullivan explains Crime and delinquency by types of crime that are considered as social problems, social characteristics, and ways to help alleviate the problem of crime. The social problem that is happening in crime and delinquency are that young people are being sent to prison for the crimes they are committing, and they are not being educated, helping them make better decisions, or create a better future for themselves instead of going in and out of prison. In the definition social problem it says, “the condition can be remedied by collective action”(3). Teenagers are deviating from group values and norms. They first start rebelling against their parents rules and deciding to do what they want. Then, it transitions to school and they start ditching school and not caring anymore. From there it is a lifestyle for them and they are adults just going in and out of prisons like it is a future they have for themselves already.
To try and solve the social problem it will be to have alternatives to prison. Having people in prison is costing a lot of money and
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If teenagers start learning from a young age about crime and how their life might be if they continue through that path they might change it around for themselves. Since there are some that are just somewhere at the wrong time or hangout with the wrong crowd and get sucked into somewhere they would have never imagined. Then they get labeled as a criminal and they themselves start believing they are one as well, and they start becoming something they never thought they would be. Another reason I decide to choose this was for myself to become more aware of the programs that are available to inmates and to help them in any way to get educated and they could believe in themselves as
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