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Have you ever thought about what life would be like as a pirate? It would be pretty hard having to live in a ship, being wanted, and having to live with the fact you killed people wouldn't it? Well that's the life Thomas Tew had to live. To start Thomas Tew's Life nobody even knew where he was born or when he was born! There are many different theories about where he was born and what seems to be the most popular one is that he was born in the southern coastal areas of England since that's where his family was from. This is most likely where he began his fascination with the sea and his sailing career. When Tew grew up he was known for his swearing and drinking and later on in his life it would be his smoking as well. He soon was convicted…show more content…
Some memorable accomplishments that people recall most about Tew are that he was the inventor of the Pirate Rounds. He was the Captain of his crew and Admiral of his privateer fleet. He had been a claimed founder of the pirate colony of Liberia. The existence of this colony can be argued and is argued. It was described in the book ' A General History of Pyrates' by Captain Charles Johnson. According to the book this colony lasted for about 25 years with no specific location identified. Not much is known about this supposed colony but Johnson had claimed Tew was a founder and due to lack of evidence against it I would believe that he is telling the truth and Tew actually was a founder if the Colony was real or not. Thomas Tew may had been a seafaring pirate but he had a good reputation and many people and other ships respected him enough that ships rarely resisted him and his crew. Thomas Tew also had a great career as a privateer as well, earning a spot as an admiral of his fleet. But despite being such a high ranked privateer he still became a pirate and he still thrived in being one. He was able to conquer many ships that were much bigger than his and that may be one of the reasons why so many ships and people respected him so much. Despite being a pirate and at sea a lot Tew still found time to end his life a married man with two kids and still be worth 8,000 pounds. 8,000 pounds

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