Thomas The Friar's Tale Analysis

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Identifying a person as having either an anal retentive or anal expulsive personality may be viewed as an insult due to specific stigma’s that are attached to each of them. The components of each personality type differ immensely. One type controls their urges and the other gives into them. There are two characters who emulate the two different personality types, the peasant and the friar. In The Summoner’s Tale, Thomas the peasant and Dan John the Friar are two perfect examples of how anal retentive and anal expulsive behaviors dictate the choices they make by withholding or giving into their desires. Although Thomas the peasant displays both anal retentive and anal expulsive personality traits, anal expulsive is the most dominant of the two. In his initial introduction he appears innocent yet as the story progresses bits and pieces of common characteristics of anal expulsive behaviors begin to show. For example, Thomas admits he is foolish with his money, spending it on false hopes, “As help me Crist, as I in fewe years / … / … / Certeyn, my good have I almost biset / Farewel, my gold, for it is al ago!” (1949-1953). This proves how impulsive his behavior is, how he lacks control over his finances, and does not care whether or not he may suffer any consequences. In addition, at the end of the tale Thomas makes the conscious choice…show more content…
Interestingly enough, both men feel insulted when the other party gives into their urges. Thomas is anal expulsive since he is careless with his finances and does not show any concern when he farts on Dan John the Friar. In contrast, Dan John the Friar is a complex character since his behavior fluctuates between anal retentive and anal expulsive. Therefore, it is up for the reader to decide which personality type Dan John belongs in. Their behaviors in The Summoner’s Tale enhance the overall humor of the
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