Emotional Intelligence Theory Essay

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People who are aware of their emotions and are good at reading emotional cues –for instance, knowing why they are angry and how to express without violating the norms –are most likely to be effective. Various definitions on EI From as main as 1920, psychologists have theorized that people's skill to comprehend and grasp others is a different intellectual capacity that is distinct from general intelligence. Even though Thomdike's early communal intellect theory from those early days is nowadays recognized to be flawed, it certainly offers intuitive appeal alongside possible for substantial useful application. This perhaps explains why reiterations of his theory, such as EI, tolerate to be accepted and craft attention amongst researchers and…show more content…
This has provided with the instruments that support the understanding of the brain mechanism of human emotional life. It is important to bear in mind that this understanding should be the roots of any emotional intelligence…show more content…
It is not only 'what' happens in the brain what needs to be discovered, but also 'why'. With this objective, curiosity expands toward new paths. It is necessary to understand how the human mind works and which processes interact in this play. To do so, the trilogy of mind has been considered. Emotions, cognitions and motivation are the main characters in this theater of human mind. But this cognitive perspective is still not sufficient to understand why people behave the way they do. A theory of personality structure, that guides human vitality in certain ways, is required. A theoretical framework of emotional intelligence should take into account human personality and its implications. As Saarni (2000) mentioned “it is surprisingly that emotional intelligence has often been defined without reference to the ethical values of one's ego identity and an individual’s developmental history, as if the human personality was completely flat”. Finally, manifest behaviors should be analyzed and a theory of performance is needed in order to understand how people express emotions in their specific context and

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