Thompson V. Simmons Case

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The story regarding then seventeen year old Christopher Simmons is awful and I do not understand why people would abuse and torture people in the manner in which he did. According to the article, he had it in his mind that he just wanted to kill someone and it happened to be someone that he had prior contact with. No matter what state of mind he and the other juveniles were in, there was no excuse to treat Mrs. Crook the way that they did and murder her by throwing her off a bridge. It baffles my mind how cruel people can be, especially a juvenile; Simmons already had a plan in mind of how he wanted the crime to take place and I find this to be very sickening. Not only did he and the other juvenile murder someone, but they also committed a serious crime of burglary (…show more content…
Oklahoma was considered in the case because of the similarity to this case involving a fifteen year old. Due to the manner of the crime and by Simmons being the lead perpetrator, the Thompson v. Oklahoma case was irrelevant. The court system has also reviewed the differences between adults and children when it comes to the death penalty. Children lack maturity, vulnerable to pressure from others, and they may be more susceptible to rehabilitation; I agree with the differences to a certain degree. If an adult has always sought attention from the wrong crowd, they could be pressured to do things just to stay in the click. I also disagree with the fact that children lack maturity; to a certain level they do as well as some adults. There are some adults that never reached the age of maturity, but that does not mean that they should get a lesser time when committing a crime just because they are not mature. Lastly, I believe anyone is capable of being rehabilitated no matter what age they are; if they have the desire and are willing to put in the work to be reformed, then they should be given that option with strict stipulations (Flynn, E.H,
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