Thomson Road Observation

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On 10/25/15 I arrived at 6011 Jacksonville-Conway Road in reference to a possible shooting call. Upon arrival I made contact with Margaret Davis, who advised that on this date her ex-husband, Jerry Davis, shot himself at his residence. I observed Mr. Davis in a medical bed in the living room of his residence with a small caliber handgun in his right hand and laying on his chest. I also observed a spent .22 Long Rifle cartridge laying on Mr. Davis' shirt next to his right hand. Mr. Davis did not have any immediately observable wounds but he did have a small area of blood coming from around his mouth and was obviously deceased. Sgt. Bowden was notified of the incident. MEMS unit #619 responded to check for signs of life on Mr. Davis and medical instruments indicated a shallow arrhythmia. MEMS began CPR on Mr. Davis and…show more content…
Davis said that approximately three years ago Mr. Davis suffered a stroke and lost use of a good portion of the left side of his body. Mrs. Davis said that Mr. Davis' condition has been deteriorating and last week Mr. Davis had an appendectomy complicating Mr. Davis' condition. Mrs. Davis said this morning Mr. Davis began complaining he was constipated. Mrs. Davis said she helped Mr. Davis to the restroom where he spent approximately 20 minutes and she then helped him back to the bed. Mrs. Davis said Mr. Davis told her at this time that he "could not take this anymore" possibly referring to his physical condition. Mrs. Davis said Mr. Davis told her to turn off the light and to go to sleep. Mrs. Davis said she lay down on the couch and was dozing off when she heard a gunshot which she believed came from outside the residence. Mrs. Davis said she got up to check on Mr. Davis and found the gun on his chest, which she stated he always kept next to the bed. Mrs. Davis said she tried to communicate with Mr. Davis but he was unresponsive. Mrs. Davis said she then called her daughter, Tiffany, who contacted the Sheriff's

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