Thoreau: A Modern Day Transcendentalist?

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Trascendentalism was started way back in the year 1807. Trascendentalism was a movement started as a club of people. They accept ideas of life but not as religious beliefs but as a way of understanding life. One of the people who was a strong believer of transcendentalism was Thoreau. He believed in living simply just like modern days Lenard skynard.

I read a book wrote by a transcendentalist named Thoreau. He was a simple kind of man that was all about being simple. He moved out of town to a cabin in the woods next to walden pond. He said “ I wanted to live deep a suck all the marrow out of life”. By that statement he is saying that everyone gets this only life so get the most out of it as you can and not let the little things slow you down. He stated that “ we all still live meanly like ants” meaning that life should be simple but the people around us still try to make each others life difficult. He has stood by what he has said by making his own life simple by living in a cabin out of town and away from people using the land. Thoreau was angus believe
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He expressed transcendentalist beliefs through his music. In his song he says “be a simple kind of man”. The meaning of that is to be yourself and go with the flow and life will be simple. He also says “be something you love and understand”. Lynard Skynard clearly believes you should be nothing more than yourself because you won't understand anything better than your own self. Than he continues to go on and say “ don't live o fast troubles will come and pass”. That really goes with what it's about to be a transcendentalist. Everyone has their own problems so of course things are going to go wrong but don't let that stop you from being you everything in the end will work itself out no no matter how hard it gets. Lynyrd just like many other transcendentalist believe the simple life is the best life you will be much happier than being
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