Thoreau And Emerson Comparison

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In Ralph Emerson essay Self-Reliance Emerson emphasizes his displeasure with society's lack of originality, and discusses the importance of self expression and solitude. Emerson and Henry Thoreau both express how society contradicts themselves in the aspect of believing in something and doing another. Mimicking the beliefs of others is not advantageous since it interferes with society investing in their personal interest. Living according others beliefs limits one's lifestyle since that's not who you are. Thoreau sacrifices his freedom for the ideal of not conforming to society's expectations. Emerson and Thoreau daring, intrepid tone seems to support how Emerson has influenced Thoreau by expressing how society idealizes others so much to…show more content…
Thoreau mentions his frustration forward government since he feels as though he has to abide by certain rules and regulations that he does not agree with. Utilizing Emerson influence Thoreau stood his ground by ignoring a bill that everyone is expected to pay. “I have paid no poll tax for six years.I was put to jail once on this account”.(Thoreau 214). Thoreau staying true to himself stood behind his belief and was willing to accept the responsibility. He demonstrated how determined he is to stand for what he believed in that he did not back down because it was the government. Thoreau also utilized Emerson's influence in jail. “In every threat and in every compliment there was a blunder; for they thought that my chief desire was to stand the other side of that stone wall.(Thoreau 214). Little did they know Thoreau was pleased to be behind bars and enjoyed being away from the government's rules and regulations. Thoreau in the end was getting what he wanted he was isolated by choice. According to Emerson “A man is relieved and gay when has put his heart into his work”(Emerson 186) which relates to Thoreau since he is happy with the outcome of his
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