Thoreau's Government

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Thoreau believes government works best when it leaves people alone and allows more freedom. •P 2- He explaining the relationship between government and its citizen. •P 3: He thinks people are serving the government as a machine not as a human. •P 4: Thoreau states that, majority will always rule because it is the strongest. •P 5: He isn 't happy with people who serve their lives to working for the state. •P 8- He doesn 't find the government to respect people and its people responsibility to challenge the state. •P 9 : Regarding to Paley a social philosopher who argued all civil duties gain from expediency. •P 10: Speaking of effectiveness on voting and lack of action in society, slavery and Mexican war. •P 11: Thoreau explains that the majority wont abolish slavery until it is appropriate.…show more content…
•P 15: Do what you thing is right, it will make a difference, changes things and relations. •P 13: He argues it is not a moral duty to actively fight injustice, it is a duty to refuse to help an unjust government. •P 15: Thoreau explains how to bring a peaceful revolution. •P 16: Thoreau pointed out unjust law exist whether we should obey or disobey them. •P 18: He clearly saying, break the law, stand for what you believe if injustice is part of the friction of the government. •P 19: He think man cannot do everything, he must do only
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