Thorin Oakenshild Hero's Journey

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Thorin Oakenshield should have a right to take his company on a journey for his ancestor’s claim. Throughout the entire journey, Thorin proves that he is a rightful leader. His family ancestry, skill, and his bravery prove that he has a right to his claim. Thorin comes from a family of Kings under the Mountain. There is his grandfather, Thror and his father, Thráin. During Thror’s rein, Smaug came and took the Lonely Mountain. The entire kingdom had to leave and were disbanded. His grandfather was killed in the battle of Moria and we don’t know what happens to Thráin. Thorin was supposed to be next in line but Smaug was in the way. He meets with Gandalf and they come up with a plan to take back the mountain. Gandalf has to find the company…show more content…
He shows great skill throughout the story. He is good with swords. In most of the battle scenes in the book, he is always the one to kill the most of that enemy. He also shows great skill in planning. He is the one who got the key into the mountain and assumed that there is a door. He is the one who put the key in the door into the mountain. Besides Bilbo, he had a lot of good plans too. He is the one that suggested that Bilbo go to the top of the tree and see how much farther the forest went. If Thorin hadn’t told Bilbo to do that, the dwarves and the Hobbit would most likely have gotten lost in Mirkwood and may never have been seen again. Besides his family ancestry and his skill, Thorin showed tons of courage throughout the story. When the dwarves were taken by the goblins into their kingdom, Thorin was in the lead. He showed that he wasn’t afraid of the Goblins. He wasn’t scared of anything throughout the entire journey. He showed that he wasn’t afraid of Smaug. He showed that he wasn’t scared of the dark or trolls. Thorin showed a lot of courage through the darkest of times. Thorin Oakenshield has proved that he has a right to his ancestors claim. He proved his right through his ancestry, skill, and bravery. Although he died at the end of the journey, I am sure that he would have made a good King Under the
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