Thorn: The Creation Of Greek Mythology

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In the beginning there were no civilization nor humans, there was a vast woodland that goes on for millions of miles called the End-Land. In this woodland lived all kinds of animals. Far above the woodland, there was a Top-Land. There lies gods and goddesses. In the Top-Land there lies the most powerful Gods. The most powerful God, there is, is named Zeus. Zeus was friendly to all of the animals and other Gods and Goddesses. His ____ is named Thorn. Thorn was conniving and manipulating and filled with anger. Thorn wanted to be the most powerful God there is and would do anything to get it. In the middle of the Top-Land lies a sacred tree. The tree had been there since the Gods were created. The tree’s roots grew for miles and the branches would provide fruits and vegetables for the Gods and Goddesses.…show more content…
Zeus walked slowly walked towards the strange thing when he saw something moving behind him. Zeus quickly turned around, but it was too late. Thorn kicked him off of Top-Land and laughed. Thorn dropped to his knees and surged into tears. The people gathered around Thorn to see what was wrong. “Zeus feeelll dowwnn” Thorn muttered. Thorn became a mighty ruler over all that challenged him. Little did he know that Zeus was saved by the animals underneath him and was lurking underneath his feet, and had a plan to return. Zeus was staying underneath them, in a small village. He had heard the news of thorn taking over the land. He did not understand how he could be taken advantage of. Thorn was his most trusted apprentice. He was very trusting and he turned his back to
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