Character Analysis: The Ice Dragon

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Adara is a young girl born in a long and cold winter. A winter rumoured to be the coldest anyone has ever experienced and one where the Ice Dragon came forth. Adara is portrayed to be both thoughtful and compassionate which is demonstrated through her worries of hurting the ice creatures. When handling the ice lizards Adara believes the others to be ‘clumsy and cruel’, not taking care and thus snapping ’the fragile little creatures in two’. This is a pure demonstration of Adara’s compassion and thoughtfulness however, at the beginning of the story the author implies the idea of Adara to be cold, having correlation with the weather which surrounded her birth. This hints to readers Adara’s changing personality. Towards the end of the story Adara…show more content…
The book does not explain whether she stops her tears after seeing the damage or not but, Adara noticing the damage is evidence enough of her thoughtfulness and compassion towards the things around her and in this case the Ice Dragon. As well as this Adara had clung tightly onto the Ice Dragon however, after seeing the damage her tears had done she quickly ‘lifts one hand’ to examine what further damage had been caused and learnt to loosen her grip. As stated earlier Adara is portrayed, in the earlier stages of the story, to be cold, in both mind and body. ‘She smiled, but not…show more content…
Adara is portrayed as cold hearted from the beginning however, she later grows to become warm hearted. As said in the earlier paragraph the author implies the idea of Adara’s cold nature being in correlation with the weather. The story states that Adara ‘was always a child apart’ in particular, how Adara is able to ‘hold the ice lizards as long as she liked without harming them’ in comparison to others who would melt them with their warm grasps. Throughout these beginning passages the idea of her nature being related to the weather and her physical sense/appearances are constantly reiterated. Thus as the story concludes with her seeing the ice lizards once more however, not wanting to hold them for ‘the warmth of her hands would hurt them.’ Subtly hints to readers the change of Adara’s personality and behaviour as a
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