Thrashing With A Cane Analysis

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I couldn 't agree with you more, that one of the fundamental tenets of Real Corporal Punishment, is the lad 's respect for the hard man laying it on, as well as the hard man 's respect for the lad taking it and the desire to do him the most good. This means that the lad should always fear his punishment and that the hard man should never flinch from laying it on properly, so that the lad really benefits from his punishment. While the lad 's punishments will, of necessity, really hurt, in essence he is being guided by the hard man laying them on, who in the long run will make a real, hard man out of the lad. Having watched the video of my December Thrashing with a Cane several times, I am pleased to say that I can see signs of a real…show more content…
You certainly took your medicine well, like a game and hard lad would. Laying on that thrashing has given me a great deal of confidence when it comes to laying on a cane, which will definitely encourage me to lay it on even harder next time. Your attitude was far better and the strokes you laid on came a lot keener (they would have been keener still had your stance not shifted) and were therefore far harder and more manly to take.  I feel that I made a great deal of progress in laying on a thrashing with a cane in December and I 'm looking forward to our HMC session this month, to further extend my progress. Like all game, hard lads, the effectiveness of Andrew 's last thrashing for being seen smoking seems to be wearing off. The lad was smoking on his way home today and no doubt his boldness will grow, so it is only a matter of time before somebody tells his uncle that they have seen the lad smoking again. In reality, this will probably happen during the next twenty-four hours, so the lad will be feeling sixteen dozen good, hard, manly strokes of a cane across his backside tomorrow afternoon. While Andrew may say that he 's learnt

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