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Thrasymachus benefits from his own definition of justice, an opinion really, in that it allows Thrasymachus to see only part of the truth and go through his life with an unchanging view. It is in any person’s best interest to pursue an opinion that reinforces their own beliefs or validates choices that are beneficial to that individual. Since he can always point to commonly accepted examples of justice and injustice Thrasymachus can base his argument off of those examples and there will be few who can disagree with him. This opinion of justice ends up being to the advantage of Thrasymachus. He can use his opinion either to commit injustice, as it is the better option in his mind, or to discredit those commonly thought to be just by calling…show more content…
Social justice generally even more likely to confuse opinion with truth. This category of justice is similarly does not hold objectivity as its central tenant, as modern judicial justice does, but equality. It has a moral foundation that it is both morally right and just for all people to be treated equally. This is a fine point but there is usually no distinction made between what is morally right and what is just. Both terms begin to become interchangeable and slip into the “Half-Truths” that Plato claims are the root of opinion. This means that social justice can operate within a false definition of justice. This gives it a shaky logical starting position which can undermine all of the work it seeks to accomplish, rightly the wrongs of…show more content…
It would be horribly time consuming if politics and law was practiced with no assumptions, it would take 300 pages of text to define every single concept. The absolute truth is philosophically significant but it is too cumbersome for everyday use. Using only the absolute truth would mean that for every social or judicial issue one would have to start with no assumptions, every term and idea would need to be identified to a degree of that would satisfy Plato’s rigorous criteria. It takes him an entire book to define justice! If that standard was held for every terms such as justice or beauty, then it would take days of clarification before any specific issue could be brought to the floor of a court. Association and intuition are really powerful tools in the human psyche and more often than not they will produce the same results as slow methodical reason. When it comes to social change, questioning the righteousness of a cause can often detract from that movement’s efficacy, splintering a group that should have one clear purpose. At some point a distinction must be made for what is practical or have a positive effect and that which will have little to no positive

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