Three Abrahamic Monotheistic Beliefs Of Islam

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Islam is one of three Abrahamic monotheistic beliefs which share similar values and ideals, along with Judaism and Christianity. Islam is the fastest growing faith nowadays, it's heart being Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and concentrated throughout the Middle East. What's intriguing is how Islam expanded so quickly to exceed separate religions, and become of the largest in the world. Furthermore, this is an enigma with various explanations.

Following suit of other religions, Islam grew through the use of the military and peace to maintain order and conquer lands. An example of how they kept stable was during the battle of Yarmuk, described by Al-Biladuri, the author of "The Battle of the Yarmuk" as one of the "fiercest and bloodiest kind." (Document A). When the Muslims heard of the army that Heraclius assembled, they refunded the citizens of the city of Hims the tax
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Take care of yourselves." (Document A). The citizens of Hims, who were mainly Jews and Christians, replied that they preferred their rule over the "oppression" of anyone else. The Muslims then persisted and opposed the probabilities to win against Heraclius's troops, although they were outnumbered 24,000 to 70,000. They protected the citizens of the city they had taken control of, in return for a reasonable tax. This demonstrated the honesty and character of the Muslims and the Islamic Empire who made sure they kept every promise and did not deceive or steal from their allies. These characteristics were major factors that contributed to the rapid growth of Islam. When the Muslim soldiery attacked Spain, a treaty between

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