Gautama Buddhism Research Paper

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In five paragraphs or more, using your own words, tell the story of the life of Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha was born between the 6th and 4th century. His father was a wealthy king near the foothills of Nepal. I was predicted at his birth that he would either become the ruler of India or a very holy man in his culture. Is father preferred him to become a ruler so he kept him very isolated in a palace starting from a very young age. Gautama was spoiled by his father’s many riches and remained in the palace until his was about 29 years old. At the age of twenty-nine he left the palace, leaving his wife and son behind. He began leaving for short excursions and traveled to places he had never seen. During his travels he noticed a sick man,…show more content…
The four noble truths are that all is suffering, suffering is caused by desire, the way to be rid of suffering is to be rid of desire, the way to rid yourself of desire is to follow the eight fold path. The four noble truths is the pathway to rid yourself of desire so that you can focus enough to reach enlightenment. Their are many paths the Buddha has lied out for Buddhist. Following the fourth noble truth there’s the concept of the Five Precepts which is part of the Eightfold Path. These percepts are no killing, no stealing, no sexual sin, no lying and no alcohol. These are almost similar to the Christian’s Ten…show more content…
A. In three or four paragraphs explain how Buddhism is similar to and different from the Hindui world view. That is, compare and contrast Buddhism with the Hinduisms.

Buddhism and Hinduism are similar in many ways. I think one of the most noticeable similarities is the idea of samara. Both of these religions mention and revolve around the idea of the cycle of reincarnation. Almost all religions have a theory of what happens after death. Buddhism and Hinduism are unique from other religions because they believe that we experience a rebirth after death. That we are in a cycle in which we live multiple lives. These religions also have mediation as a key part in their belief. Mediation is their practice of focusing and letting go of worldly problems. However Hinduism incorporates the practice of Yoga into their mediation to focus on realms of the universe. Buddhism uses mediation to focus and reach enlightenment or Nirvana. Mediation is similar to Christianity's idea of prayer, to take time away from the world and focus on our religions
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